Brace Yourselves

17 Types of People You See In Every Exam :: The Daily Touch.

With exam season in full swing expect to see more posts about those dreaded hours of absolute hell you’ve been trying to avoid thinking about for most of the year. Here are some ideas to help keep you calm. Don’t knock ’em, they actually work!

  1. No amount of revision you do on the day of the exam will stick in your mind, please don’t cram – it makes other people nervous too!
  2. Eating an apple before your exam will help. It’ll keep you alert and on form – some people even swear they’re better than coffee. Miles better for you than any of that Redbull crap, that’s for sure.
  3. Stuff your face. Seriously, it’s exam time. Eat what you want! We all need comfort food at the moment. I just ate a whole cake.
  4. Revise. This one seems like a no brainer, but we’ve all had that one exam where everything went tits up.
  5. Pretend you’re teaching someone your notes. Because nothing cements revision better in your mind than feeling like a dick head talking out loud to yourself. Apparently it works. Who knew?
  6. Ignore the invigilators before hand. We’re at university. We know the fucking drill, people. No phones. No fizzy drinks. No correcting fluid. No sobbing hysterically into the exam paper when you realise you’re fucked. We get it. Save us the lecture please.
  7. Exam season is a completely inappropriate time to suddenly decide your Pinterest boards need urgent curation, to start a new blog on WordPress, join LinkedIn, or any other general online procrastination. I’m looking at you, Netflix.
  8. It’s okay to look like the back end of a horse before, during and after your exam. Your friends understand. They look like shit too. It’s nothing some alcohol won’t fix.
  9. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR EXAM PAPER WITH PRETTY COLOURS. C’mon people, a little decorum here please. We’re British.

And last, but not least;

     10. Keep drinking. Obviously.

Good luck!



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