Pretty Things; Recycle, Revamp

If, like me, your wardrobe is getting a bit full while you’re at uni, now is the time to have a de-clutter. Currently I’m trying to minimise the damage on my bank account by my dress buying fetish. (which is nothing to feel guilty about!) But now that the sun is out and I’m back home for the summer, my drawers are looking a bit… full. Here’s some ideas to keep your wardrobe fresh. WEAR: Dresses. This seems like a no-brainer, but even if the weather is drizzly, you can still feel fab. Go for monochrome patterns on darker days, or big bold prints when the sun does decide to come out. Why not try this Lovarni shift dress, or contrast a biker jacket with one of these tribal dresses. Lovarni Monochrome Shift Dress with Cream                                         Dramatic Tribal Print Dresses STORE: Heavy coats and cardies. Don’t be that person who has to battle their way through the bulge of their closet to get to their fave pair of LouBous. REVAMP: Those denim shorts. This wardrobe staple can benefit from a twist. Try dip-dying them ombre to get bang on trend with this video below. Or, if you can’t bear to see your fave shorts in the bleach, try dying them darker and fold away any frayed ends for a more demure look without buying new ones.

TRY: Updating your summer outfit with a zesty orange to bring out your tan. Perfect for a day-to-night look so you can hit the beach and the club without too much hassle.

Jessica Alba pairs coral lippy with her tan skin :)

Jessica Alba pairs coral lippy with her tan skin 🙂

THROW: Any old tights from winter or spring. It won’t be pleasant to find that in September all your tights feel (and smell) like they’ve been in a drawer for three months. BIN. Also, dressing down statement pieces on your bottom with a great printed or graphic tee on top is a great look for a lazy day, so pop away your shirts and blouses for a twist.

Alexander Wang and J Crew

Alexander Wang and J Crew

Me I’m having a massive clear out, and if you’re doing the same, use this handy guide to help! Be ruthless, there is always a great piece on the rails (or the runway) that can replace it. wardrobe-editing-decision-tree_50649aacbe62bAs always, stay peachy! x



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