I Don’t Think I Want To Be A Mother, And That Should Be Acceptable

A really thoughtful, modern and perfectly reasonable explanation of why so many of us do not want kids. Personally, I fall into this category. Is it so difficult for older generations to accept that not everyone is made to have kids? Let me know your thoughts!

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I absolutely adore children. Or rather, I adore them as long as I can escape from them at the end of the day. And I think that is perfectly okay.

Yet each time I inform people who I don’t have a burning desire to have my own children someday, that I lack that deep-rooted maternal craving, they look stunned – as if that is what every twenty-something woman should be waiting for, working towards.

The response is usually one of the following:

“But you work with kids, you’re so good with them. You have four younger siblings!”


“Oh, someday you’ll change your mind.”

The first response I can tolerate, because it is true. I do work with them, I am good with them, and I do have four younger siblings.

It’s the second response that irks me to no end. Yes, maybe I will change my mind. Maybe…

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