Pretty Things: Investment

It occurs to very few people that while we’re all at university, life has never been better from a financial point of view. Controversial, yes, but aside from the crippling debt most of us will be left with when we finally accomplish our pathetic degrees, we’ll also be left with a brand new life that needs kitting out. Think of it like this; I finish my degree, get a job, move into a flat. It’s fair to say you’re going to need new appliances, home accessories etc etc. AND (this is my favourite part) a new wardrobe. But suddenly, you have no money to pay for it all!

Granted, a new wardrobe is not what most think about when they graduate, but instead of leaving it until later when everything is potentially more expensive, I’m buying investment pieces now. We get one life, a finite amount of time to spend on earth, so why not spend it in gorgeous things? Life’s too short to worry about the price tag too much, so if you’re going to need business clothes in the near future, why not get some really good ones that won’t go out of fashion? I’d rather get something awesome from Armani that will last me years than some cheap shit from Primark.

Even if Primark is good for casual clothes now, it’s crap for the cut and thrust of the big bad world. Stand out and dress for the job you want, not the job you have, or you’ll be wearing a costco apron for the rest of your life. Of course, our student loans are to live off of, that’s why they’re called maintenance loans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t skim a little off the top until you’ve saved for that Michael Kors handbag. There’s nothing wrong with being swept away by the bright lights of our consumerist society.

So put that money to good use and buy some stuff that makes you look and feel as if you’re grown up enough to handle yourself out there. It’s called student discount for a reason, and you only have finite amount of time to use it.

Splash out every now and again!

Splash out every now and again!


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