8 Awesome Benefits Of Being A Night Owl

Why being a night owl is sometimes good for you. I love that extra two hours between midnight and 2am where no one bothers me. If you’re not ready for bed ,why waste your time there? Meditate, read, do anything to chill out. I have found that I actually feel more refreshed when I go to bed at 2am and get up at 8am. Give it a try if you want some creative alone time. Sometimes our best ideas come to us before bed.

Thought Catalog


1. No one is around to bug you. The rest of the day is filled with other people talking to you and emailing you and texting you and by the time it’s late it feels so relaxing to be alone and know that no one is going to interrupt you. You can do whatever you want to in peace and quiet.

2. The internet stands still. The internet moves at such a fast pace that it’s impossible to keep up with all your favorite websites during the day when you’re working and busy actually living your life. But at night most of them are done updating for the day, or at least updating very slowly and you can binge-read everything you’ve missed in one juicy, gluttonous session.

3. There’s nothing you’re supposed to be doing. No one has a doctor’s appointment scheduled for midnight. You’re not anxious about missing…

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