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My mum doesn’t wear make-up. Weird, I know, but she’s more of the ‘little bit o’ lippie’ person than a woman who puts on a full face of greasepaint every day. I respect and love her for braving the world bare faced most days. I am certainly not brave enough to do that just yet. In fact, since mother dearest hardly wears it at all, I had to learn every make-up tip and trick I know from the girls at school and via online tutorials. It was a really lonely and soul sapping experience.

I like to maintain a persona that screams confidence. Confidence in my own choices and methods of doing things. Why the hell not? I’m an adult now. (I hope). Which is why this mirror-shattering confession is kinda shocking, seeing as I write a lot of stuff about clothes and all that other girly shit going on in my head.

But the truth is; I’m winging it. All of it. It’s all hit and miss.

Am I using this Product right? Should I be using that brush there? Does this look stupid? Why the fuck did I buy purple lipstick?

Seriously, make-up is not my forte. And it’s made even more difficult by being left handed. Obviously everyone is different and will have their own experiences of this, but when sitting in front of my mirror, having a totally ridiculous emotional breakdown over the state of my blusher brush, it suddenly dawned on me that my limited knowledge of life on this earth has involved painting my face ridiculous shades of brown and pink BY CHOICE.

I mean… What the actual fuck? I was having a philosophical epiphany about make-up. 

Waiter, reality check, please.

Could I live without this glorious tube of slime that makes me look sublime? No. I won’t do it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty and having nice skin and conforming to all that unnecessary pampering stuff. I was an army cadet for four years. I’m making up (literally) for my teenage tomboy experience. But obviously this is nothing new or interesting.

So it would be better on my part to tell you about what I DO know. Here are my top ten skincare and make up products that I swear by.*

  1. Witch Doctor Skin Treatment Gel:  This little beauty heals everything. Spots, insect bites, sunburn, cuts – it does the lot. I couldn’t live without this miracle tube. 034110witch-doctor_35g
  2. Clinique Lash Building Primer:   Great for eyebrows, makes eyelashes thicker and means I can wipe off my mascara so quickly without rubbing. Love. 5_clinique-lash-building-primer
  3. Diorskin Forever Foundation:   So light, and blends well, hardly feels like it’s there. And doesn’t lead to breakouts.                                   Diorskin-Foundation
  4. Me Makeover Essentials Shimmer Powder Brush:  This brand has got so much stick for being a total rip off, but this is the only product I buy, and the shimmer bronze is great to sweep lightly over cheeks in summer to look sunkissed. It’s refillable with whatever else you want to put in it. Really soft brush, glides on smoothly and has small, rather than large clumps of glitter.                                          tumblr_m5mf186YpR1r2g0at
  5. The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Toner:   Decently priced, keeps the spots and the grime away. Use at night for best results.                                                          body shop toner
  6. Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick:    I have four of these. They stay on all day and have some fantastic shades. I don’t need to worry about re-applying too often with this brand. 422 Coral Tonic is my fave. For a more classical look, they have an awesome Reds collection too.                                                                                                      maybelline-ny-color-vivid-colour
  7. Tesco Hydrating Night Cream:    Yes, I said Tesco. This little beauty is £1. That’s ONE. POUND. So good – I can’t get enough. In this case, cheap really is cheerful. Non-Greasy. Cute little 50g pot too. Great for holidays.                        
Smells SOOO good

Smells SOOO good 

8. Nars Blush:  SOOO EXPENSIVE. But I adore it. Nothing beats it. Outlaw is my fave. nars9. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil:    There are two types of people; Those who think Moroccan Oil is the best, and those who know better. This does the same thing, but is lighter, better to style with when using heat and doesn’t smell. I’ve tried Moroccan Oil, I’ve tried the real unfiltered stuff, and L’Oreal does it better. 


10.Chapstick: Preferably Cherry. 

Better than the rest; Thank you Katy Perry.

Better than the rest; Thank you Katy Perry.

Do you agree? Comment and tell me about your experiences with these products!


* results differ person to person – my skin is not perfect



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