Dear Women, Stop Being Disgusting

Here you go, girls…

Thought Catalog

Dear Women,

You know how men have a bad wrap for their bathroom behavior? They never put the seat down, their shits smell terrible and they treat their dicks like fire hoses when relieving themselves? That may be true, but we are far more filthy.

I do a fair amount of traveling to a variety of places and there is one thing that I have noticed in every city and country I’ve been to. I can’t help but notice it because sometimes it gets on my ass and I think we are all pretty aware of what’s going on with our asses like, 98% of the time (2% reserved for the rare occasion you do Molly and your dude slips it in the wrong hole and you’re like, “The earth is so beautiful. We are so lucky to have nature.”)

What I’m talking about is the pee on the seat…

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