19 Things I Know At 19

Thought Catalog

53080017 iamge – Braudie Blais-Billie

[*] Connections run the world. It might seem unfair or dumb but if you think about it, it’s logical and makes sense. You want to help out people you know and like. The best opportunities don’t come from submitting a resume, but from knowing the right person.

[*] Rejection is never personal. Even if it is—and it probably isn’t—you can’t treat it as such. Everyone has a reason for doing everything, and if you’ve been rejected, try to figure out why, and then solve it. Don’t get offended, because that does nothing for you. Something I always like to tell myself is: why do you feel entitled to acceptance in anything?

[*] You only have one life, so don’t live it on anyone else’s terms. Don’t do things for your parents, for prestige, for society, anybody. If you do so you’re going to regret it for…

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