Things I Don’t Need At Uni (That I Really Do Want)

After the blur of first year, I have found myself back at the beginning, sighing at all the twee ‘back to school’ adverts, wondering when the inevitable weight of work will hit me. It’s the end of summer, which means WH Smiths are smiling with glee as the masses go into ‘pointless stationary’ overhaul.

Every time I walk past Paperchase, I glance in like a little lost puppy at all the pretty notebooks, pencil cases and other useless tat I once craved. Just a hint of that ‘new book smell’ in Waterstones is enough to send me into a sorrow spiral.

Alas, I’m at university, and all I need now is a pen and small ruled notebook. Though I’m not one of THOSE girls who would have every office supply under the sun, I do miss the fun of it all. So even though ‘I’m a grown ass woman and I must act like it’, here is some pointless stuff we totally don’t need for uni, that I kinda really do want… because I just DO.

Andy Warhol Pencils. For the hipster in all of us.


Condom shaped paper clips. 


These bad boys:

who doesn't love tetris?

who doesn’t want Tetris post-its?

 Who doesn’t want to rock up to lectures with this on their back?!


A tippex mouse.

but I love you so, little mouse!

but I love you so, little mouse!

And it could all be kept in this amazing pencil case:


I may be an adult, but that doesn’t mean I have to grow up. 



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