Skinny Shaming Is Just As Inappropriate As Fat Discrimination

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Sebastian R. image – Flickr / Sebastian R.

“Oh cry me a river, skinny girl going to complain about being skinny,” is surely running through some readers’ minds. Welcome to skinny-shaming. And yes, based on the title of this article alone – I am fully prepared for the hateful comments and vitriolic “fan mail” to spam my inbox. But first, hear me out.

I just read a couple of articles entitled, “The Myth of skinny-shaming,” and “Why Skinny-shaming is Not the Same as Fat Discrimination.” One even went as far as calling being skinny a “privilege,” which according to the author, means that skinny people cannot complain about it – like being white, or a male. What is skinny-shaming though? It is an individual or group actively using someone’s weight to make the person feel like sh*t. Is that not by definition the same thing as fat discrimination? These articles proceeded by…

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