17 Basic MAC Products Every Girl Needs

This is a godsend. Forever reblog.

Thought Catalog



MAC Fluidline for me represents the transition from high school makeup user to Real Adult Woman makeup user. It’s one of my favorite things ever. It’s a pot of eyeliner liquid, essentially, and use can use a skinny brush to use it for the easiest, most dummy-proof winged eyeliner ever. They don’t advertise this, but you can also use it as a tough-as-shit eyeshadow primer. Since all the fluidlines are dark, I only do this when I’m doing “going out” makeup — but a fluidline base with an eyeshadow over it will.not.budge the entire night you are sweating and dancing. It’s the most life-proof makeup combo I’ve tried.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator


Um hi, exfoliator addict here. And I can’t recomend this exfoliator highly enough. I love Origins’ Modern Friction as that one is a bit more gentle on the skin, but when you NEED to feel really

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