None of Your Lip!

There is an art to make-up. It’s a sad world when a lot of women don’t feel confident enough to try something new. The other day I was paying for coffee when the barista said ‘I love your lipstick!’

At first, I was very flattered. It takes a lot of guts to pay a compliment to a complete stranger. However she proceeded to say something which broke my heart entirely.

‘I can’t pull off lipstick like that.’

Immediately I felt guilty for making her feel inferior, even though I’d done nothing wrong. I felt worried that if some women can’t be brave enough to TRY A NEW LIPSTICK, (which, in the context of the universe is quite a mundane aspect of life), how are we supposed to go out and change the world? Indeed, some women in the public eye are completely dependent on their lipstick!

Angelina Jolie made a career out of pouting

Angelina Jolie made a career out of pouting

Marilyn Monroe, famous for her amazing lips

Marilyn Monroe, famous for her amazing lips

Is it so wrong to put a little bit of colour on my lips? No. Pinterest, YouTube, all those social media sites are CHOC FULL of women teaching others how to wear lipstick and the like. So please, stop making me feel guilty for trying something new. I really am not ashamed to stand out and look smart. If I’m wearing lipstick, it means I’ve tried. I don’t care whether or not it’s necessary to a 9am lecture or a trip to Tesco.

If you feel like you’ll end up looking like Patricia Quinns lips from Rocky Horror, then clearly you’re doing it wrong. 001-0501222227-Rocky-Horror-lips

Lips can be sexy! Guys love it when girls bite their lips and it’s even more sexy if they’re blood red or candy pink. They make people more expressive. They make people sit up and pay attention to what you’re saying. They look professional. They’re playful. They’re what you use to shout to the world that you’ve arrived. Hell, even famous artists were obsessed with lips.


Dali’s famous lip sofa

So in the morning, get up and slick a bit of your lippie on and stop making me feel like I’ve got a clown face just because you’re too shy to wear it. It’s almost as bad as skinny shaming. Stare all you like hunny, us girls in the lipstick club couldn’t give a shit.

07696728ca0318fbc30befcaa521d1ce 27652-Photos-Of-Red-Lips



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