Shock Horror

This week, and, it seems, almost every week, Kim Kardashian is in the news. Most self-respecting people roll their eyes and scroll past her name, some stop and look, others are fanatics. She’s always controversial, we get the picture…blah blah blah.

Normally, my opinion on Kim Kardashian is that she made a business empire out of nothing. A sex tape, a few celeb friends, and here she is 25 million twitter followers later with numerous fragrances/beauty/fashion lines and has globalised the Kardashian family name. Kudos to her.

Of course, the back story is kind of irrelevant, when you consider the fact that she has made herself a ‘sexual icon’. (Queue a few steps back for feminism). Of course, again, I watch her progress through life with mellow curiosity. However, this week Papermag wrote and article on her for which she stripped completely naked.

Even though she has had multiple surgeries and is criticized much for it, she still is a beautiful woman when she is photographed dressed at various events or out and about. But after having clicked on the article to read it, my curiosity turned to absolute despair. I was disappointed in her for stripping naked. It’s not that it’s vulgar, just that it’s unnecessary.

Moreover, the star that I once thought was beautiful, I now saw as completely plain. Yes, she has a big ass, and apparently gorgeous breasts and a decently sized waistline, but seeing her naked made me feel sorry for her. I did not think she was beautiful in the slightest.

We shouldn’t forget that despite appearances, Kim probably has a personality too, which is a part of her celebrity status also, but I saw none of that either. It should be noted that she has not disappointed me because I uphold a ‘unobtainable standard of beauty that the western world has brain-washed me into thinking’, oh no. This is me feeling genuinely sorry for a woman who I saw as a good (good, not great) role-model for young women aspiring in business. I guess she doesn’t mind all the people staring at her naked.

For those of you who want to read the article (and ultimately stare at her naked body) here is the link to Papermag.


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