Ancient Greek Theatre Comes to Exeter…

A must see for anyone down south! What I’m sure will be a brilliant show #classicslove

Classics at Exeter

The Classics Society are preparing themselves for what promises to be an incredible performance of Sophocles’ Ajax!

Ajax promo poster 1“A noble man must either live in honour, or have died in honour. That is all.”

Nine years of war, and one night of chaos.

When the coveted Cross of Achilles is awarded to Odysseus over the decorated Sgt. Ajax, one man’s understanding of the world begins to tear apart – with terrible consequences.

Exeter Classics Society present AJAX, a re-imagining of Sophocles’ tragic drama set in a modern conflict zone. Drawing upon David Raeburn’s translation from the Greek, be prepared for a powerful exploration of the line between honour and dishonour.

Tickets: £3 HERE –
Contact or with any queries.

Ajax cast and director Ajax cast and director

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