Secret, Stupid Fears

Recently I was asked what my biggest fear was. In my rush for an answer, I replied, ‘Spiders, I guess’.

Spiders? Come on, I said to myself later that night. Were eight legged critters all that I was afraid of? That got me thinking. There are lots of things I have an extreme aversion to, but may not necessarily be ‘fears’ per se.

So here are some secret, stupid perturbing prospects.

  1. The base end/handle of my toothbrush being wet. This sends chills down my spine and makes me want to vomit. I hate hate HATE this for absolutely no apparent reason. I have to leave the bathroom when this occurs.
  2. Peering round corners. This is probably a remnant of being allowed to watch horror movies too early. Be it in a house, down a street, or behind a door that’s ajar, it’s going to freak me out even if it’s painted barbie pink. cat-peeking-out
  3. Wide eyes. my flatmate frequently gets annoyed when I bump into her and scream. She has these wide eyes that when she turns around look scary. I never expect it. I blame Aardman animations.

    Can you say childhood trauma? (nb: my flatamate doesn't actually look like this)

    Can you say childhood trauma? (nb: my flatamate doesn’t actually look like this)

  4. People talking about ghosts. Specifically Poltergeists. I am adamant that ghosts don’t exist, and am grown up enough to be able to reason with myself, but sometimes a door creaking or things that go bump in the night will result in me stocking up on Nytol.

    Caspar can fucking do one.

    Even Casper can fucking do one.

  5. My Shadow/reflection. I make myself jump on a DAILY BASIS. This is so sad that I have to laugh about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live my life in constant trepidation of corners or haunted houses, but just sometimes they irk me enough to get the jitters.

Do you have any silly phobias? Comment below.


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