Hi, I’m Eve, aka PonderingPeach, delivering modern abstract thoughts to those who want fresh ideas on life, the universe and everything. The only criteria is that you have an open mind.

‘Only the educated are free.’

                                                             – Epictetus

No one wants to hear philosophical or whimsical thoughts on Facebook. Twitter is too short to say what you really feel. Here is unedited imagination, join in if you want. I love to talk about pretty much anything, especially peaches! There’s no limit on absurdity. If there’s anything you want to hear about  – drop me a line 🙂

As I’m only twenty, it’s important, I feel, to take in as much of this world as I can whilst my eyes are still new and the sky is still blue. You only live once, and I don’t want to miss a minute of it!

A little bit about me:

Studying: Ancient History, University of Exeter

Loves: Travelling, Climbing, Reading, Art History, Paris, Twitter, Ancient Egypt, Eating Popcorn, Eating more Popcorn, Power-napping, Cat-napping, Snoozing, Dozing, Nodding off on the sofa and Sleeping.

Talents: Eating Popcorn, Sleeping, Procrastinating, Writing, Painting my nails.

Home: London, sometimes Exeter

All the best,



Talk to Peach! What do you think?

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