Shock Horror

This week, and, it seems, almost every week, Kim Kardashian is in the news. Most self-respecting people roll their eyes and scroll past her name, some stop and look, others are fanatics. She’s always controversial, we get the picture…blah blah blah.

Normally, my opinion on Kim Kardashian is that she made a business empire out of nothing. A sex tape, a few celeb friends, and here she is 25 million twitter followers later with numerous fragrances/beauty/fashion lines and has globalised the Kardashian family name. Kudos to her.

Of course, the back story is kind of irrelevant, when you consider the fact that she has made herself a ‘sexual icon’. (Queue a few steps back for feminism). Of course, again, I watch her progress through life with mellow curiosity. However, this week Papermag wrote and article on her for which she stripped completely naked.

Even though she has had multiple surgeries and is criticized much for it, she still is a beautiful woman when she is photographed dressed at various events or out and about. But after having clicked on the article to read it, my curiosity turned to absolute despair. I was disappointed in her for stripping naked. It’s not that it’s vulgar, just that it’s unnecessary.

Moreover, the star that I once thought was beautiful, I now saw as completely plain. Yes, she has a big ass, and apparently gorgeous breasts and a decently sized waistline, but seeing her naked made me feel sorry for her. I did not think she was beautiful in the slightest.

We shouldn’t forget that despite appearances, Kim probably has a personality too, which is a part of her celebrity status also, but I saw none of that either. It should be noted that she has not disappointed me because I uphold a ‘unobtainable standard of beauty that the western world has brain-washed me into thinking’, oh no. This is me feeling genuinely sorry for a woman who I saw as a good (good, not great) role-model for young women aspiring in business. I guess she doesn’t mind all the people staring at her naked.

For those of you who want to read the article (and ultimately stare at her naked body) here is the link to Papermag.


None of Your Lip!

There is an art to make-up. It’s a sad world when a lot of women don’t feel confident enough to try something new. The other day I was paying for coffee when the barista said ‘I love your lipstick!’

At first, I was very flattered. It takes a lot of guts to pay a compliment to a complete stranger. However she proceeded to say something which broke my heart entirely.

‘I can’t pull off lipstick like that.’

Immediately I felt guilty for making her feel inferior, even though I’d done nothing wrong. I felt worried that if some women can’t be brave enough to TRY A NEW LIPSTICK, (which, in the context of the universe is quite a mundane aspect of life), how are we supposed to go out and change the world? Indeed, some women in the public eye are completely dependent on their lipstick!

Angelina Jolie made a career out of pouting

Angelina Jolie made a career out of pouting

Marilyn Monroe, famous for her amazing lips

Marilyn Monroe, famous for her amazing lips

Is it so wrong to put a little bit of colour on my lips? No. Pinterest, YouTube, all those social media sites are CHOC FULL of women teaching others how to wear lipstick and the like. So please, stop making me feel guilty for trying something new. I really am not ashamed to stand out and look smart. If I’m wearing lipstick, it means I’ve tried. I don’t care whether or not it’s necessary to a 9am lecture or a trip to Tesco.

If you feel like you’ll end up looking like Patricia Quinns lips from Rocky Horror, then clearly you’re doing it wrong. 001-0501222227-Rocky-Horror-lips

Lips can be sexy! Guys love it when girls bite their lips and it’s even more sexy if they’re blood red or candy pink. They make people more expressive. They make people sit up and pay attention to what you’re saying. They look professional. They’re playful. They’re what you use to shout to the world that you’ve arrived. Hell, even famous artists were obsessed with lips.


Dali’s famous lip sofa

So in the morning, get up and slick a bit of your lippie on and stop making me feel like I’ve got a clown face just because you’re too shy to wear it. It’s almost as bad as skinny shaming. Stare all you like hunny, us girls in the lipstick club couldn’t give a shit.

07696728ca0318fbc30befcaa521d1ce 27652-Photos-Of-Red-Lips


17 Basic MAC Products Every Girl Needs

This is a godsend. Forever reblog.

Thought Catalog



MAC Fluidline for me represents the transition from high school makeup user to Real Adult Woman makeup user. It’s one of my favorite things ever. It’s a pot of eyeliner liquid, essentially, and use can use a skinny brush to use it for the easiest, most dummy-proof winged eyeliner ever. They don’t advertise this, but you can also use it as a tough-as-shit eyeshadow primer. Since all the fluidlines are dark, I only do this when I’m doing “going out” makeup — but a fluidline base with an eyeshadow over it will.not.budge the entire night you are sweating and dancing. It’s the most life-proof makeup combo I’ve tried.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator


Um hi, exfoliator addict here. And I can’t recomend this exfoliator highly enough. I love Origins’ Modern Friction as that one is a bit more gentle on the skin, but when you NEED to feel really

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10 Reasons Dressing Up Is ALWAYS Better Than Dressing Down

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Gustavo Gomes image – Flickr / Gustavo Gomes

In high school, my business teacher and now close companion taught me to never dress down. She is one of the most fashionable and beautiful people I have ever met.

She would say, “You never know who you’re going to meet,” and I took those words to heart. People always ask me why I dress up every day for class or even on lazy Sundays. The truth is, I love wearing old sweatshirts and baggy pants just as much as the next person; I just know you can get more out of your day by dressing up a bit.

Here are 10 reasons why dressing up is always better than dressing down:

1. When you wear sweatpants, you get too comfortable.

Yes, being comfortable is a great thing, but when you’re too comfortable, you often forget where you are. Don’t slouch or slump, and…

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Things I Don’t Need At Uni (That I Really Do Want)

After the blur of first year, I have found myself back at the beginning, sighing at all the twee ‘back to school’ adverts, wondering when the inevitable weight of work will hit me. It’s the end of summer, which means WH Smiths are smiling with glee as the masses go into ‘pointless stationary’ overhaul.

Every time I walk past Paperchase, I glance in like a little lost puppy at all the pretty notebooks, pencil cases and other useless tat I once craved. Just a hint of that ‘new book smell’ in Waterstones is enough to send me into a sorrow spiral.

Alas, I’m at university, and all I need now is a pen and small ruled notebook. Though I’m not one of THOSE girls who would have every office supply under the sun, I do miss the fun of it all. So even though ‘I’m a grown ass woman and I must act like it’, here is some pointless stuff we totally don’t need for uni, that I kinda really do want… because I just DO.

Andy Warhol Pencils. For the hipster in all of us.


Condom shaped paper clips. 


These bad boys:

who doesn't love tetris?

who doesn’t want Tetris post-its?

 Who doesn’t want to rock up to lectures with this on their back?!


A tippex mouse.

but I love you so, little mouse!

but I love you so, little mouse!

And it could all be kept in this amazing pencil case:


I may be an adult, but that doesn’t mean I have to grow up. 


Pretty Things: Minefield

My mum doesn’t wear make-up. Weird, I know, but she’s more of the ‘little bit o’ lippie’ person than a woman who puts on a full face of greasepaint every day. I respect and love her for braving the world bare faced most days. I am certainly not brave enough to do that just yet. In fact, since mother dearest hardly wears it at all, I had to learn every make-up tip and trick I know from the girls at school and via online tutorials. It was a really lonely and soul sapping experience.

I like to maintain a persona that screams confidence. Confidence in my own choices and methods of doing things. Why the hell not? I’m an adult now. (I hope). Which is why this mirror-shattering confession is kinda shocking, seeing as I write a lot of stuff about clothes and all that other girly shit going on in my head.

But the truth is; I’m winging it. All of it. It’s all hit and miss.

Am I using this Product right? Should I be using that brush there? Does this look stupid? Why the fuck did I buy purple lipstick?

Seriously, make-up is not my forte. And it’s made even more difficult by being left handed. Obviously everyone is different and will have their own experiences of this, but when sitting in front of my mirror, having a totally ridiculous emotional breakdown over the state of my blusher brush, it suddenly dawned on me that my limited knowledge of life on this earth has involved painting my face ridiculous shades of brown and pink BY CHOICE.

I mean… What the actual fuck? I was having a philosophical epiphany about make-up. 

Waiter, reality check, please.

Could I live without this glorious tube of slime that makes me look sublime? No. I won’t do it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty and having nice skin and conforming to all that unnecessary pampering stuff. I was an army cadet for four years. I’m making up (literally) for my teenage tomboy experience. But obviously this is nothing new or interesting.

So it would be better on my part to tell you about what I DO know. Here are my top ten skincare and make up products that I swear by.*

  1. Witch Doctor Skin Treatment Gel:  This little beauty heals everything. Spots, insect bites, sunburn, cuts – it does the lot. I couldn’t live without this miracle tube. 034110witch-doctor_35g
  2. Clinique Lash Building Primer:   Great for eyebrows, makes eyelashes thicker and means I can wipe off my mascara so quickly without rubbing. Love. 5_clinique-lash-building-primer
  3. Diorskin Forever Foundation:   So light, and blends well, hardly feels like it’s there. And doesn’t lead to breakouts.                                   Diorskin-Foundation
  4. Me Makeover Essentials Shimmer Powder Brush:  This brand has got so much stick for being a total rip off, but this is the only product I buy, and the shimmer bronze is great to sweep lightly over cheeks in summer to look sunkissed. It’s refillable with whatever else you want to put in it. Really soft brush, glides on smoothly and has small, rather than large clumps of glitter.                                          tumblr_m5mf186YpR1r2g0at
  5. The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Toner:   Decently priced, keeps the spots and the grime away. Use at night for best results.                                                          body shop toner
  6. Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick:    I have four of these. They stay on all day and have some fantastic shades. I don’t need to worry about re-applying too often with this brand. 422 Coral Tonic is my fave. For a more classical look, they have an awesome Reds collection too.                                                                                                      maybelline-ny-color-vivid-colour
  7. Tesco Hydrating Night Cream:    Yes, I said Tesco. This little beauty is £1. That’s ONE. POUND. So good – I can’t get enough. In this case, cheap really is cheerful. Non-Greasy. Cute little 50g pot too. Great for holidays.                        
Smells SOOO good

Smells SOOO good 

8. Nars Blush:  SOOO EXPENSIVE. But I adore it. Nothing beats it. Outlaw is my fave. nars9. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil:    There are two types of people; Those who think Moroccan Oil is the best, and those who know better. This does the same thing, but is lighter, better to style with when using heat and doesn’t smell. I’ve tried Moroccan Oil, I’ve tried the real unfiltered stuff, and L’Oreal does it better. 


10.Chapstick: Preferably Cherry. 

Better than the rest; Thank you Katy Perry.

Better than the rest; Thank you Katy Perry.

Do you agree? Comment and tell me about your experiences with these products!


* results differ person to person – my skin is not perfect


Pretty Things: The Pinterest Effect

As I look back at my first year at university, many fond memories and events spring forward. Most of them, however, surprisingly involve the website Pinterest. Having joined the site at the beginning of the year, I was thrown into a completely different world full of strange arts and crafts that made me so envious, I had to try them, and outfits so gorgeous that I had to make/buy stuff just to keep up with trends. Suddenly, my brand new flatmates and I were colouring awesome signs for our doors, wallpapering our walls and decorating as if we didn’t have homes to go back to. Pinterest made all our group activities, well, Pinteresting. 

It's blurry, but I'm proud of my Pinteresting uni room. Pinterest is even up on my laptop if you look hard enough...

It’s blurry, but I’m proud of my Pinteresting uni room. Pinterest is even up on my laptop if you look hard enough…

For those that don’t know, Pinterest used to be a site you had to be invited to sign up to. It was exclusive and unique – but has turned into something everyone can share pictures on via boards, which are a bit like categorised scrapbooks. It has everything under the sun, from recipes and DIY projects to fashion blogs and fandom pages. This site has inevitably spawned a sister site called Pinterest Fail where individuals share their disasters from trying the notoriously difficult-to-follow tutorials. But aside from the awesome ideas, I think Pinterest has something else to share with everyone. 

Naturally, where there is social media, there are haters. A specific group of people would say that Pinterest just encourages the capitalist society to spend through envy marketing, and persuades and pressurises young females to adhere to the mindset that they NEED the things other people have. Frankly, I can see how they are right. But why is what they are right about wrong? Maybe I’m just too far down the rabbit-hole, but I actually enjoy sharing arts and crafts, outfits and make-up tips with my followers. Haters can’t see that side of the social media. When someone ‘repins’ your original pin, you get a zing of excitement that someone appreciates your taste and your ideas. That’s really the basis of Pinterest. Not to be better than everyone else, just to share. And I love that.

That being said, I cannot deny that the Pinterest Effect does not exist. Of course it does,  I am one of it’s victims, but I’m happy about it. There is nothing wrong with a person my age dressing appropriately and fashionably; it is scientifically proven that wearing make-up makes you more confident, and having washi tape on my walls does not make me a brain dead consumer conformist. These are things I WANT to indulge in, and I am not stupid enough to buy things I don’t need on a regular basis (even though it’s fun). I can see that I don’t need a love heart made of rope hanging on my wall, but doesn’t accomplishing one thing, however small and insignificant, make the rest of our existence so much more fun? That we can potentially reach thousands of people globally and SHARE? Now, I know Pinterest is not a miracle, and no, there is no tutorial for turning water into wine, but in reality, it’s harmless. So all you haters can hate, I’m too busy laughing because I’ve just put smiley faces on all my plant pots.

Be jealous, bitches

Be jealous, bitches

For those on Pinterest, follow me at: PonderingPeach’s Pinterest

Pretty Things: Investment

It occurs to very few people that while we’re all at university, life has never been better from a financial point of view. Controversial, yes, but aside from the crippling debt most of us will be left with when we finally accomplish our pathetic degrees, we’ll also be left with a brand new life that needs kitting out. Think of it like this; I finish my degree, get a job, move into a flat. It’s fair to say you’re going to need new appliances, home accessories etc etc. AND (this is my favourite part) a new wardrobe. But suddenly, you have no money to pay for it all!

Granted, a new wardrobe is not what most think about when they graduate, but instead of leaving it until later when everything is potentially more expensive, I’m buying investment pieces now. We get one life, a finite amount of time to spend on earth, so why not spend it in gorgeous things? Life’s too short to worry about the price tag too much, so if you’re going to need business clothes in the near future, why not get some really good ones that won’t go out of fashion? I’d rather get something awesome from Armani that will last me years than some cheap shit from Primark.

Even if Primark is good for casual clothes now, it’s crap for the cut and thrust of the big bad world. Stand out and dress for the job you want, not the job you have, or you’ll be wearing a costco apron for the rest of your life. Of course, our student loans are to live off of, that’s why they’re called maintenance loans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t skim a little off the top until you’ve saved for that Michael Kors handbag. There’s nothing wrong with being swept away by the bright lights of our consumerist society.

So put that money to good use and buy some stuff that makes you look and feel as if you’re grown up enough to handle yourself out there. It’s called student discount for a reason, and you only have finite amount of time to use it.

Splash out every now and again!

Splash out every now and again!

Pretty Things; Recycle, Revamp

If, like me, your wardrobe is getting a bit full while you’re at uni, now is the time to have a de-clutter. Currently I’m trying to minimise the damage on my bank account by my dress buying fetish. (which is nothing to feel guilty about!) But now that the sun is out and I’m back home for the summer, my drawers are looking a bit… full. Here’s some ideas to keep your wardrobe fresh. WEAR: Dresses. This seems like a no-brainer, but even if the weather is drizzly, you can still feel fab. Go for monochrome patterns on darker days, or big bold prints when the sun does decide to come out. Why not try this Lovarni shift dress, or contrast a biker jacket with one of these tribal dresses. Lovarni Monochrome Shift Dress with Cream                                         Dramatic Tribal Print Dresses STORE: Heavy coats and cardies. Don’t be that person who has to battle their way through the bulge of their closet to get to their fave pair of LouBous. REVAMP: Those denim shorts. This wardrobe staple can benefit from a twist. Try dip-dying them ombre to get bang on trend with this video below. Or, if you can’t bear to see your fave shorts in the bleach, try dying them darker and fold away any frayed ends for a more demure look without buying new ones.

TRY: Updating your summer outfit with a zesty orange to bring out your tan. Perfect for a day-to-night look so you can hit the beach and the club without too much hassle.

Jessica Alba pairs coral lippy with her tan skin :)

Jessica Alba pairs coral lippy with her tan skin 🙂

THROW: Any old tights from winter or spring. It won’t be pleasant to find that in September all your tights feel (and smell) like they’ve been in a drawer for three months. BIN. Also, dressing down statement pieces on your bottom with a great printed or graphic tee on top is a great look for a lazy day, so pop away your shirts and blouses for a twist.

Alexander Wang and J Crew

Alexander Wang and J Crew

Me I’m having a massive clear out, and if you’re doing the same, use this handy guide to help! Be ruthless, there is always a great piece on the rails (or the runway) that can replace it. wardrobe-editing-decision-tree_50649aacbe62bAs always, stay peachy! x